Check Out These Great Fall Sales Deals!
September 24th to October 7th, 2019

Save $100 or 10% On New Unitronic Performance Software*
Save 10% On select Unitronic Intake Systems**
Save 10% On Unitronic Exhaust System
Save 20% On Unitronic MQB Turbo Inlet

*10% OR $100 OFF, whichever is the greater discount, with the purchase of a NEW ECU or TCU Unitronic Performance Software only. Not available on Upgrades. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. For example, you cannot add $100 OFF your NEW TCU tune on top of the DSG® Combo discount. But you can save $100 on your ECU tune and still use the DSG® Combo discount on your TCU tune for a total savings of $250 !

**Excludes Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake Systems.

Australia and New Zealand customers are eligible for Unitronic Performance Software discounts only. Please contact Unitronic distributor BWA Auto for more information.