Unitronic®’s MPI (Port) Injector Upgrade Kit for the 2.5TFSI EVO engines found in the 2017+ (8V.2) Audi RS3 and 2018+ (8S) Audi TTRS is an effortless installation that allows Unitronic Performance Software users to safely utilize E85 fuel, without needing to blend gasoline and ethanol to target a specific ethanol percentage. Alongside this MPI Upgrade Kit, Unitronic’s Stage 2 ECU Performance Software is expertly calibrated specifically for use with its MPI Upgrade Kit, and offers gains of up to +183 HP/+177 TQ over factory output, along with the required supporting modifications and E85.

Unitronic’s Performance Software for the 2.5TFSI EVO engine found in the RS3 and TTRS is compatible with UniCONNECT+, empowering Clients to tune it themselves directly via the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of their own home or garage.

Unitronic listened to Client feedback and understands that blending gasoline and ethanol is a tricky procedure that not only eats up valuable time at the gas pump, but is often cumbersome to execute without careful planning and strategizing. In addition to end-user convenience, using a full E85 fuel with the factory injectors puts a very high demand on the factory injectors causing them to be much more prone to failure. Fuel injector failure can cause significant engine damage and should be avoided at all costs. Unitronic’s MPI Upgrade Kit, when combined with its Stage 2 ECU Performance Software allows users to run E60-E85 (65% ethanol to 85% ethanol) with ease.

Unitronic’s MPI Upgrade Kit features Genuine Bosch® manifold port fuel injectors and includes the necessary wiring harness adapters to allow for a complete plug and play installation that is very basic and straightforward that can be accomplished with basic tools in under an hour for most all users with basic mechanical knowledge.

• Up to +183 HP / +177 TQ over stock output w/ Unitronic Stage 2 E85 Performance Software and required supporting modifications

• Genuine Bosch® manifold port fuel injectors

• High-quality plug and play wiring harness adapters

• Allows for full E85 support w/ Unitronic Stage 2 Performance Software

• Direct bolt-on fitment

• Easy installation