We are proud to announce the successful research, development, testing, and completion of the DQ250 CAN Exx and Fxx Series and DQ200 7-speed DSG Software Upgrades most commonly found in 2009-2012 DSG-equipped VW/Audi vehicles.  These additions have been added to our ever-expanding Dealer Database Management System and are readily available through Unitronic and our Dealer Network.


Unitronic offers the ultimate DSG transmission software upgrades available in today’s market.  Experience a smooth and unsurpassed gear shifting balanced to the performance upgrades and featuring lightning-quick response with a highly evolved calibration.  If you own a DSG-equipped vehicle, don’t think twice about harnessing the power that is Unitronic!

Stage 1, 2, & 3 DSG Software Upgrades are now available for your 2009-2012 VW/Audi DQ250 CAN Exx and Fxx Series & DQ200 7-speed DSG Transmissions, in addition to our existing offering for the 2006-2008 DQ250 non-CAN DSG Transmissions.

NEW CLIENTS:  Save $150 when you purchase both a Unitronic ECU Upgrade and a Unitronic DSG Upgrade.  (Discount valid only when purchased and installed in the same session.)

EXISTING CLIENTS:  For a limited time, available for existing customers, get your Unitronic DSG Flash with an introductory $150 discount.  Offer valid until Jan. 15, 2012.


by, Ziad Zreik ( Unitronic Chipped )
Mon, 12 December 2011 2:10 pm